Resources and References

Comic Books and Graphic Novels (as these are becoming very popular, you may want to keep on trend. We often post about popular graphic novels that you may want to explore for use in the library or classroom. There are many educational comics/graphic novels out there!).

Feminist Resources (You guessed it; readings on feminism and sexuality - may also include QUILTBAG resources as well).

Film Adaptations (Lots of movies are based on books! We frequently cover those).

History Resources (Anything to do with history or current events we will post here).

Lesbian Lit (lesbian literature lists)

Lists (We post a lot of lists from other websites; some of these may be silly things but a lot are compilations of books on certain themes).

Multicultural Resources (If we post anything to do with different cultures - note: this will include european countries - we will post it in this tag)

Open Access Resources (occasionally we post links to open access sites: this includes free downloads of ebooks, access to databases, etc. They will all be here).

Program Ideas

QUILTBAG resources (anything concerning reading or lists of queer resources; there is overlap with lesbian lit & feminist resources)


Science Fiction Reading (also check the sci fi tag)

Teaching Resources (There will definitely be some overlap with some of the subject resources - but if you want to look specifically teaching ideas only those will be found here).

Tech Resources (We post a lot of digital resources on this blog, a lot will already be found in the open access tag but this will also have teaching ideas as well).

YA Lit (anything focused on YA literature)

YA Resources (Great for librarians and teachers; will focus on anything concerning YA programs, teaching ideas, etc please check YA lit tag as well)