Thursday, September 27, 2012

Calling for more GPOMLs: Show Us Your Libraries!


I’ve shown you mine, now, as kellymce suggests, show me yours. Let’s make GPOML-Thursday (Gratuitous Photo of My Library) a thing.

Tumblarians - post photos of the library where you work! If don’t work in a library, just post a photo of your favorite library - the one that’s a part of your life! Non-librarians aren’t merely welcomed to contribute - they are heartily encouraged.

We’ve all seen the beautiful photos of the Trinity University Library, the Library of Congress, and the various other high cathedrals of literature tumbl around a thousand times. Let’s see the libraries in our communities, our local colleges, or down the street, the libraries where people head every day to get work done, find the latest books, or learn about the newest technology.

Make sure you tag your posts GPOML!



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    Not a librarian, but I think I as a page can do this right?
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    Good morning, nerds. Don’t forget this is on now! Tag #GPOML!
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    Shall do!
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    Gonna be tough for this secret-identity Tumblarian, but I’ll do my best.
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    Okay, that’s just spectacular. You win Gratuitous Pic of My Library and GPOML just started. Hey folks — remember to tag...
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    Awesome. How did nobody think of this before? this is why internet communities are great. see also: why did it take all...
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    This is my favourite idea that Tumblr has ever shown me. LET’S DO IT.