Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I have collected so many articles on the Hunger Games about race, disability, and female portrayal. I am going to compile them all here. I know there are some missing, because unlike good librarians, I didn’t make a book mark folder (good going cait!). 


White Until Proven Black: Imagining Race In The Hunger Games

Katniss Is Olive-Skinned, Deal With It (loved this one, a more personal post - check out the rest of her blog for more THG posts)

Race!Fail In The Hunger Games

Hollywood Whitewashing (And yes it hurts)

The Hunger Games: I Want My Bread And Roses Back (discussion starts about halfway thru)

Why Do Social Justice Nerds Love The Hunger Games?

Yes, There Are Black People In Your Hunger Games


So, How About THOSE Hunger Games? (i tumbl’d this article not too long ago and got some really interesting responses).

This is the BEST response concerning deafness (PLEASE READ IT)

In the Hunger Games, What Happens To The Disabled Competitors?

there are unfortunately not a lot of articles that i’ve come across about disabilities in THG :(

female portrayal/misc.:

Why We Need More Female Characters In Film Like Katniss Everdeen

Why Katniss is A Feminist Character (And It’s Not Because She Wields A Bow and Beats Boys Up)

Julie Clawson on The Hunger Games, Consumerism, and Justice

Power, Public Life, and The Hunger Games

Was The Hunger Games Inspired By Battle Royale

the thing i’ve really enjoyed about these books is the mass discussion it’s sparked. if you have any that aren’t listed, please contribute?


The Hunger Games & Katniss, Part 1: The Novel - Feminist Frequency (part 2 to come soon)

The Hunger Games, Hollywood, and Fighting Fuck Toys

Collins wrote for “Clarissa Explains It All” - what do Katniss & Clarissa have in common?


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